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I’m getting back to my original purpose for the site which was creating autoblogs. Last year, Auto Cash Content launched and it had a lot of features, but almost a year has past and life moves forward. I’ve found another product that has even more features and options for creating, updating, and most important, monetizing your auto blog. Blog Blueprint recently launched and boy does it give you your money’s worth.

Blog Blueprint is the creation of Jason Potash and Jason Katzenback. They are the creators of some hot products such a Web2Mayhem, Traffic Kahuna, Video Post Robot. They have a squeaky clean reputation and an army of loyal customers because they provide value and deliver good quality products.

In the past, autoblogging products have focused on using Yahoo answers, Youtube, and maybe article directories to provide content to feed your autoblog. You used to be able to get away with an ugly site and this rehashed content, but changes from the big G have made it much harder. Many of the spam autoblogs have fallen off the search engine radar and will never be able to return.

What makes Blog Blueprint different?  First, the training is constantly evolving. The documentation and tools are always being tweaked, optimized and updated to make sure it is updated with search engine changes. Another thing is provides all the tools necessary to be successful (more on that in a bit).

Build your autoblog in Four Easy Steps:

Step 1: Keyword research using Keyword Corral PRO
Step 2: Auto-Install & Configure blog using Auto Blog Installer
Step 3: Select sources of auto-posted content using Auto Blog Buddy
Step 4: Finishing touches, editing, double check everything

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What training is included?

Blog Blueprint consists of four modules. The first module is the Introduction. This teaches the user how to prepare for building quality autoblogs.  The scond module focuses on research. This includes finding suitable niches and keywords to build your blog. The third module is Setup. This is the intial creation of the site including domains, hosting, and initial content. The fourth module is Installation. Here is where you will learn how to quickly build your sites, install  plugins, themes using the Auto Blog Installer. Next is Optimization. Here you will learn to use the Auto Blog Buddy plugin and configure datafeeds as well as add reader content.  Module 6 focuses on Long Term Success and covers monetization strategies and site promotion. The final module is Advanced Monetization which includes site flipping, email marketing, and selling adspace.

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What else do I get?

Blog Blueprint gives you everything you need to build your autoblog:

Auto Blog Buddy – This is the heart of Blog Blueprint.  Auto Blog Buddy will pull in high quality content for your site for dozens of niches. It will also pull in keyword specific videos and other unique content. Most  important, AutoBlogBuddy will monetize your site to generate cash

Keyword Corral -Use this advanced keyword selection to find high profit keywords quickly.

Webpage Analyzer – This software will help you optimize your blog for traffic and the best search engine ratings. 

Content Spinner -  Use Content Spinner to quick and easily generate “spin ready” articles that you can use on your blogs, to promote your blogs and get more backlinks.

Auto Blog Installer -  Auto Blog Installer installs and configures your autoblog in less than a minute!

Premium Theme Package  – These premium themes will give your autoblog a professional look.

As you can see, everything you need to be successful is included. 

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