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Auto Cash Content

Auto Cash Content is live now. I bought my copy last week and am still going through the extensive training. Like I thought, the training is massive and Brian Johnson is leaving nothing out!

So what do you get with Auto Content Cash?

First, you get three WordPress plug ins.  One is the deep linking plug-in that they were giving away during the pre-launch. That plug in has been improved on since it was first released. Additionally, you get two plug ins to pull content into your mini-site. The first one will pull in content from Yahoo answers and the second one will pull in YouTube videos.  These plugins are worth $35 each so those two by themselves would cost almost as much as they are charging for the entire course! If you check a product such as WP Robot you can see the value they are giving you for the entire course.  This is the first thing I tried and I installed it one my sites that has been active for a while. After installing the plugins, I went to configure the plugins in the settings area, but couldn’t find them?? Now, I could have read the pdf or watched the video, but what I did was head to the forum, which is included with course at no extra charge. I found my answer in about two minutes!

What is Auto Content Cash?

Essentially, what the program is covering is how to launch many niche sites quickly.  The more mini-sites that you can launch the better off you are and you can scale your efforts quickly. One of  the ideas is to have a lot of sites bringing in a little income. The more you have the more money you are making. The content being pulled in with the plugin save a lot of time building sites. Brian says he can launch sites in as little as 15 minutes and he is making $6000 a month just with adsense.

One of the modules is batch processing. This is building site multiple sites at one time. In addition, the course covers using outsourcing as a way of adding content to your sites.  Another concept that is discussed is site flipping. Once you have a site making a little money, you can flip the site by selling it to help you generate more money.

Another concepts he covers is piggyback marketing. What is piggyback marketing. Instead of buying new domains, this is buying expired domains and launching sites on these domains. The advantage of these sites are that many already have page ranking and backlinks to the site. They cost a little more than a new domain, but if you find good ones they can tremendously boost your efforts!

So from what I can see so far, Brian Johnson, Alex Goad and Jason Croslow have put together an excellent program.

You can check it out here:

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Free WordPress Linking Plugin

Brian Johnson’s new Auto Cash Content course is in pre-launch.  As part of the launch, they are offering a free wordpress plugin when you subscribe. The free plug in is designed to allow you to get deep links to your wordpress enabled blog. It does this by going out and finding related blogs and allowing a “pingback” Like most wordpress plug-ins it is easy to install and configure.  Auto Content Cash is going live on March 9, but you can get the free plugin in today by going to this site – Auto Content Cash.

Stayed to for more infomation on the release of this great course. If you are looking for wordpress auto content generation this is the one course you are going to buy.  Brian Johnson, Alex Goad and Jason Croslow have done extensive testing in their traffic lab and you will want to know the most effective and profitable methods for building your own autoblog with ease. Autoblogging will allow you to build your targeted mini-site virtually hands free.