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Insiders HQ Bonus

Insiders HQ Bonus and Review


Insiders HQ is a new business development course presented by Ran Aroussi and Phil Mansour. They  are two diverse marketers that have joined together to bring a well rounded marketing course that really covers the gambit of internet marketing. Most courses tend to concentrate on one specific topic such as PPC, Facebook, SEO, traffic generation, list building  etc. This product tries to tie it all together and teach you what you need to succeed as an online marketer. One thing I like up front is that they are promising you that you will make thousands overnight. They designed the course to teach you how you can make income online if you follow their guidelines. 

The course consists of two six week modules. It features video, audio, checklists, powerpoint presentations and interactive discussions. The first module, Biz Development, is taught by Ran. This portion of the course will cover how to develop your business. This will teach you how to build the foundation of your internet business and the different business models that successful marketers use to develop their business. The subjects that are covered include Relationship Marketing, Profiting using OPT (Other People’s Talent), Lead Distribution, Rapid Product Creation, Community Leadership, and more. 

The second six week course aptly called Traffic Generation is by Phil since his expertise is in how to generate massive traffic. Phil covers important topics such as how to research a niche and how to target your audience. Additionally, he covers the different methods of getting traffic such as using PPC, CPV, Media Buying, International Traffic, Direct Mailing, Pay-Per-Call, and more. 

Additionally, the training features bi-weekly training calls in which students will have the chance to discuss ask questions they need answered about their own business and have the questions answered at length. They will also provide recommended resources such as tools and other material such as software, advertising, and data. 

This is a very well rounded course and may not be for everyone since it is little more expensive than your average course. You can get more information and take a look at a case study by clicking here: Insiders HQ 

If you like what you see come back and order through my link to get the following bonuses: 


Bonus #1: Software Maker Pro


“Here’s How You Can Instantly Gain an Almost Unstoppable Edge On Your Competition, Increase Your Sales Conversions, and Build Your Profit Margin to Massive Proportions with This Incredibly Powerful Secret Tool…” 

… In Less Than 60 Minutes From Now You Can Be Creating Your Own Money-Making Software without Knowing a Single Thing About Writing Code or Without Having to Hire One of Those Expensive Programmers 

Bonus #2 List Building Income-


The money is in the list. List Building Income will teach you multiple techniques to build a highly responsive list. The course utilizes flash video, mp3, and pdf documents to teach you important list building techniqes such as how write a high converting squeee page and how to attract and convert subscribers. If you have been wanting to learn how to build your own list for profit, then this is the course for you. 

Bonus #3: Simple 5 Minute Article Traffic


This video series will show you how to dominate article marketing 

* Only Take 5 to 10 Minutes To Write An Article…Or Less! 

* How To Take Advantage Of Ezinearticles Internal Backlinking Structure, to give you massive traffic and SERPS from Google! 

* Get Your Clickthrough Rate from 30% to 70% or more! 

* Blow away your competition…after this course, your competitors won’t have a chance! 

* Get 1000′s of views to your article QUICKLY(in just a few days)! 

Bonus #4 Product Creation Secrets

Why sell other peoples products when you can create your own and have other people sell it for you! 

  • In this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, you will be surprised to discover how easy it is to create products that generate income for you on the fly even if you don’t possess a single creative bone in your body!

    Effective methods for product creation that you will learn include:

    Discovering sites that people tell you exactly what they are looking for!Important basics of keyword research to find the unique selling point for your product!How to sell other people’s products for some badly needed fast cashWhy digital products are more profitable than physical ones and some product ideas…

Bonus # 5 CPA Relapse


You CAN Swipe This Exact CPA Formula That Consistently Makes Hundreds Of Dollars Per Month On Complete Autopilot!
So What Will You Get With CPA Relapse?
A 90-PAGE Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide that contains the exact CPA Cash Formula used to cash in from FREE Traffic.
You’ll learn exclusive brand new methods for 2010 – including how to promote high paying CPA offers!
Discover how to set up a simple website and have a 99% chance of getting accepted by ANY CPA network!
Replicate the exact strategy for researching the hottest niches and how to cash in quickly, overtaking your competition in no time! 

Bonus #6 Blogging Cash System

Discover The Step-By-Step, Super-Easy , Highly Profitable Secret System For Generating a Full-Time Income From Blogging. In Just 6 Months! Watch Over My Shoulder As I Reveal To You This Secret System, and In Just Minutes From Now You Can Be Well On Your Way To Creating Your Own Money-Making Blogs That Produce Cash On Autopilot!. close to a dozen easy to implement, fast to put into action, and low cost ways to start making money. You can utilize them all at once and create an incredible compounding effect on your income that makes you much more money than you currently make! Best of all, this can all be done by following a simple yet comprehensive, step-by-step guide that will teach you the EXACT steps and secrets to making a full time income online with blogs!

ORDER Insiders HQ here

Email your receipt to Your clickbank reciept should have TEXASAG80 at the bottom

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Facebook Business Academy

Check out the video: Facebook Business Academy
Facebook is one of the largest if not the largest social network in the world. It is estimated to have over 500 million users worldwide. If you are looking for a huge market for your business, Facebook provides a great opportunity.
One of the most recognized leaders in Facebook marketing is James T Noble. He is a real world marketer who has worked with companies such as Yahoo, Disney and Virgin. He has created a new course on Facebook marketing so that any internet marketer can become successful on Facebook. James has created a new course called Facebook Business Academy that teaches you how to succeed on Facebook. This is not some rehashed internet marketing guru course designed to generate alot of sales, but a real world course that will teach you how to market successfully on Facebook. It is not advertised as a get rich scheme where you can plop down your $77 and generate a six figure income overnight. It is a course that will show you the techniques that James has proven will work to gain customers and sales on Facebook.The course includes industry-leading training PLUS templates, worksheets, Q & A webinars and a “done-for-you” template install service! The most up to date and comprehensive training available is what you will find in Facebook Business Academy.

This product has been extensively tested by users and is proven to be a well designed and useful course that will show you the opportunities and techniques to take advantage of the many features that Facebook offers to enhance your business. 

Get these bonus items by purchasing Facebook Business Academy through my link


Bonus 1- Niche Profit Machine


Learn how to target niche markets 

Tennis players, golfers, fishermen, brides, model train lovers, scrapbookers…all these people share one thing in common. They are passionate about their hobby. 

Selling to a hot niche market is simple. You dont have to convince them about a product, they just need to know it exists.
You’re about to learn…
* Where to find these hungry markets with ravenous buyers
* How to create a quality product that sells instantly
* How to get in front of the market and let them know about your product
* How to stomp on your competition 

Bonus 2 – PLR Tidal Wave


This 12 part, step by step course shows you a simple (yet extremely powerful) method of creating profitable information products from other people’s work — FAST. You will be shocked at how cheaply you can buy decent PLR products and convert them quickly into profit. The PLR Tidal Wave program will show you exactly what you need to do in order to take raw PLR products and transform them into money sucking businesses in and of themselves. 

Bonus 3 – Traffic Scorpion


Naturally Transform Any Scrawny Website Into A Content Filled Giant That Search Engines Flood With Traffic!
“Send An Ever-Growing Avalanche Of FREE Search Engine Traffic Into All Of Your Sites On FULL Autopilot!”
Invest A Few Minutes To Generate YEARS Worth Search Engine Optimized Web Pages That Are Gradually Added To Your Sites For Maximum Search Traffic! 

Quickly create an unlimited number of search engine optimized pages to attract a gigantic amount of FREE traffic! Best of all, it only takes a few clicks of a button!
Gain complete control over when and how many pages are added to your website! This means your sites grow naturally over time!
Easily customize the look and feel of your new pages! This means all of the pages on your website blend together for a positive user experience!
Drive massive amounts of highly targeted traffic to your website! Organic search engine traffic is often some of the best converting on the web! If you’re not getting your fair share, then you’re losing out on a fortune! 

Bonus #4 – Video Marketing Blueprint


Over The Shoulder Training. The ‘Video Marketing Blueprint’ Video Series will show you exactly how to make money using the power of screen capture video. Just watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step how to succeed and profit!
Low Cost / No Cost. Each of the techniques revealed in the Video Marketing Blueprint system requires very little or no cost to do. That means that if you don’t already have the tools needed for video marketing, there are free alternatives online that you can use, and I will show you where to get them! 

Bonus 5 – Mobile Website Profits

Having a Mobile-Ready Website
is only the Start of the Race!

  • Mobile advertising – and the different-from-your-PC rules you need to know
  • How to get your mobile site found and accessed – before most of your competitors even know it’s there!
  • Letting your site be one of the small, mobile-optimized minority people gratefully bookmark and return to
  • Ways to easily boost your promotions – ones that aren’t even available via PC
  • The most important difference between mobile devices and PC’s – the one that’s making it possible for even new businesses to prosper

Bonus 6 – Twitter Profit Blueprint


Complete Twitter Novice? In Minutes You Can Be Marketing Like A Pro Using Twitter! 

Shortcut Straight To The Twitter Techniques That Are Essential To You As An Internet Marketer, And Leave Out All The Padding And Fluff! 

Bonus #7 Extra Income from Local Marketing



You know a bit about setting up websites, optimizing them for the search engines, and generating leads using content marketing. And even if there are certain tasks you can’t do yourself (like designing a site), you certainly know how to outsource them.

Point is, offline business owners are willing and able to pay top dollar for you to use your skills and/or outsourced talent to get their sites


Get these bonus items by purchasing Facebook Business Academy through my link 

Email your receipt to 

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