Brian Johnson is at again with a new product named Rank and Pillage that will blow you away. He is teamed up with one of his students that has followed Brian’s methods.

As you may know from my previous posts, I am a big fan of Brian and his methods. I have purchased several courses from him. The first was Commission Ritual which I found was an awesome course as a newbie to internet marketing. I have bought Auto Content Cash and am currently a student of his in 300 Internet Marketers (which is currently closed. Brian has a straight forward and thorough approach to internet marketing.  He is not someone that is just pushing methods that don’t work. We have all seen push botton marketing and that is not what he is about. He teaches how to build real sites that will generate real traffic. There aren’t shortcuts to doing this. It takes some work and effort, but the rewards are worth it!

Brian’s methods are based on what he has learned as an internet marketer. Sure, he is an internet marketing guru, but he is not one based on having a huge email list. He builds his sites and profits from them. He has made money on sites that have real products and not just internet marketing courses. His favorite is halloween costumes and he makes a bundle of money on that each year.

Click here to check out Rank and Pillage

Another cool thing about Brian is that he periodically gives out some his methods as giveaways. Some of the stuff I have seen are better than courses that you may pay hundreds for.

His new course is called Rank and Pillage because with his methods you will be able to get your sites to rank high on the search engines which in turn will allow you to pillage affiliate commissions. Brian and his student Aiden Booth are putting out a product that I highly recommend. The course features a core manual of over 200 pages, over one hundred video tutorials, a members forum, access to a private link building service and more. You will watch over his shoulder as he shares one secret after another.

As I mentioned earlier, Aiden Booth is a student of Brian’s that has followed his methods and has done extremely well. I first saw Aiden on the members forum in Commission Ritual.  Aiden is now joining forces with Brian to present a product that will surpass your expectations.  I highly recommend that you take a look at this product since I know that it will be worth both your time and money.

Click here to check out Rank and Pillage

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