One Click Mobile Web App Review

Everyday we all get inuadated with new offers, but everyone once in a while one comes along that is truly evolutionary. One Click Mobile App is one of those products that when I first saw, I didn’t hesitate to purchase. I’m starting to do some offline marketing building mobile web sites and apps and this product is going to be a big. I purchased Skybuilder, which builds apps that can be put on Itunes and Google Play. I  am also subscribed to another service that builds mobile websites that install an icon on the users phone similar to an app and that is $97. Along comes One Click Mobile and for less than half of what I am paying one month for the second service, I got  a wordpress plugin that create a mobile web app that installs on the Apple Iphone and Ipad to allow anyone to have their own app. Not only can it be used for personal use, but it has developer rights so it can be installed for clients as well. If you are thinking about starting a business marketing offline services this definitely needs to be in your arsenal.

Right now, this works for the Apple IOS products, but the next step is for the Android phone. This product includes lifetime updates so owners of the plugin will get all of the upcoming features as well. Another upcoming feature is push notifications. This allows you to message everyone that has installed your web app. This is definitely a huge selling bonus for offline marketers.

It also has a feature that will turn all phone numbers on the site to Touch to Call. This will be very useful for any offline client that you install this on.

Installation is pretty easy. It is installs like any other wordpress plugin. You then have three screens to go through for configuration. The first is the basic setting for your mobile web app. The next two are a little more time consuming since you will need to create the icon and splash screen, but the irfoncluded photoshop templates are very helpful for creating these.

If you are thinking of getting in the mobile app business or just want to build these apps for you own blogs, then I highly recommend you invest in this. The product is on a dimesell so it goes up with every sale so get in while the price is low.

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