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CurationSoft 2.0 | CurationSoft 2.0 Review


CurationSoft 2.0 | CurationSoft 2.0 Review

CurationSoft 2.0 is a new training program from Mark Thompson. CurationSoft 2.0 runs Adobe Air software and you can discover, review and curate content from  Blekko Blogs and News, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Blogs and News,  Flickr and ANY RSS feed you desire!  The software is designed to run on your desktop and will run on both Mac (Mac OSX, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)  and Windows machines (Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7). It can also curate content to almost any platform. You don’t have to just use WordPress. You can add content to Tumblr, Blogger, Google +, Drupal and of course WordPress. Almost every marketer can find a use for this software.

CurationSoft 2.0 also includes a complete 12 week training program for a One Time Offer.  You won’t be left in the dark trying to figure out how to make this work.

One cool thing is that they are offering a lite version of the program for a very low price. This way you can test drive it to see if it is for you. The limitation is that it is ad supported and only use one source for content as opposed to 10. Still, it is a great way to learn the software and try it out.

Quality content is what drives the internet and if you are having issues coming up with it then this may be a perfect solution for you.



Ultimate Video Curator |Ultimate Video Curator Review

Ultimate Video Curator


What is Ultimate Video Curator?

Ultimate Video Curator is a hot new wordpress plugin that will allow you to quickly and easily curate Youtube videos on your blog. Essentially, you can create a ton of curated video content on your site in less than 9 clicks! Your site can quickly be filled with media rich content in mere minutes instead of the hours it takes to look through all the videos on your niche in Youtube.

Now, you can also search Youtube directly from the Ultimate Video Creator panel and then pick and choose which of the highly rankable videos that you want to show on your site. The cool thing is that you can link to Google alerts for dynamic content as well as have Youtube user comments added to your blog automatically. Another cool thing is that when a video finishes on Youtube it shows related videos. What Ultimate Video Curator does instead is have it show the other videos that are on your site. How cool is that? If you use spinning software such as The Best Spinner, it supports spinner software too!.


How Much Does Ultimate Video Curator cost?

Amazingly, the price is really low. You can get this for less than ten dollars!


Are There Any Upsells or One Time Offers for the Ultimate Video Curator?

The price as you can see is very low for the basic product. There are several upsells that will help boost your site.

Upsell 1 – Ultimate Niche Blueprint

Upsell 2 – Video Site Map

Upsell 3 – Press Jacker WP Bundle





Instbuilder Bonus

I have added an Instabuilder Bonus. Please send your Clickbank receipt  to KenAllen059 @ with the subject Insta Builder Bonus. Your order form should have TEXASAG80 at the bottom.


BONUS #1 – WP Social Footer

WP Social Footer – Makes Social Sharing A Snap! The Ultimate tool that helps you drive more visitors through the social network, increase your blog traffic by 200% to 300% and transform your sites into a popular marketplace!


BONUS #2 - WP Warmup

13 Part, Step By Step Video Course To Learn To Quickly and Easily Setup and Run WordPress Blog.


BONUS #3 - List Building Exposed

Step by step video tutorials to build a massive list from scratch


BONUS #4 - Mass Traffic Attack

Includes eBook in DOC format, 14 videos in Camtasia Format, and Powerpoints.


BONUS #5 - 125 Private Label Articles

With No Restriction Private Label Rights!


Instabuilder Review and Bonus

Instabuilder Review


If you have an online business you know the difficulties of having to build different pages for your website, add videos, create squeeze pages, and post to Facebook. It’s not just that sometimes it is a pain to do all of this, but it is all so time consuming. Who has time to live the internet lifestyle when you all of this work to do? Thankfully, now there is a plug that can do all of this and do it quickly to.
Suzanna Theresia is relaunching here Instabuilder plugin on Feb 13, 2013. This plugin was a hit on the warrior forum with over 6000 copies sold. It is not available there now, but she has had so many requests for it that she is relaunching the product.

What is Instabuilder Plugin?

Instabuilder is a marketing powerhouse wordpress plugin. It is designed to make you life easier. This little plugin can do it all – quickly build squeeze pages, salespages, insert videos into your posts, capture leads, run split tests and more. The best part is that you can do it all in just five minutes! This plugin has more features than anything else on the market.

Go here for my Insta Builder BonusInstabuilder Bonus

Page One Evolution Review

Page One Evolution Review

Page One Evolution is a SEO training program that shows PRECISELY how to attain  high rankings in Google in 2013. Aiden Booth is releasing this course on Feb 4. Aiden is the creator of the Authority Hybrid course as well as partnering with Brian G Johnson on Kindle Ritual and Rank and Pillage. He was a student of Brian’s that became successful in his one right. Aiden has proven that he knows how to build sites that rank high in Google and make money. His new course Page One Evolution will show you EXACTLY how he does this.

Page One Evolution includes:

A 30 Pages On Page SEO Secrets. The Google panda update requires websites to be optimized for Low Bounce Rates, High Time on Site, Multiple Pages per visit, and User Engagement. Aiden will teach you exactly how he does it.

A 30 plus Advanced Page SEO manual.  Your fathers seo methods just don’t cut it anymore. Aiden will show his  9 “power tactics” which are BLISTERINGLY potent… if you utilize these techniques you won’t require many other links!

Look over Aiden’s shoulder in his 21 video tutorials.  Here he personally demonstrates EXACTLY how he obains his top rankings. He has videos showing every SEO tactics that he utilizes.

 The  ”Attention Grabber” plugin that Aiden uses  on has been using personal websites for a long time. This plugin has NEVER been sold to the public. This plugin will dramatically reduce the  bounce rate on your website and you can use it to redirect your sites visitors to where you want them to go to.

 Interact with Aiden on his Live SEO Training.  Aiden will show advanced SEO techniques as he shows how a professional SEO expert does SEO.

The Quick Start Earnings Plan contains 2 simple ways to make money using SEO.

Aidens Step by Step SEO Blueprint gives you daily tasks to complete for SEO on your sites. Use this daily to break down tasks and you will see exactly how he is able to obtain the top Google rankings.

Aiden will provide even more to his methods and as usual will seriously over deliver in Page One Evolution.

Join the Page One Evolution below:

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    Secret Web Assets | Secret Web Assets Review

    Secret Web Assets Review

    Secret Web Assets is a new SEO product from Andy Fletcher and Colin Klinkert. Andy is a well known and well respected SEO master. I have personally purchased and used his products and can tell you they do work!.  He is the owner of Digiresults and has created numerous SEO products. Colin is also well know for his SEO products including Social Monkey and Viral Networks.


    What is Secret Web Assets?

    Secret Web Assets has several different aspects. The first is a special case study  that shows exactly how Colin gets his sites ranked:

    FE: Secret Web Assets: Honest SEO 2013

    This hot collection of SEO training and case studies lays bare exactly how you can rank your sites. This report not only shows you Colin’s sites and niches, but provides a step by step guide on how you can do it too. The best part is the special report will only set you back 7 smackeroos!

    OTO1: Secret Web Assets: The hidden secrets to making Google Play Fetch

    The report is above is great, but this will help boost your abilities even more. This is a collection of videos where you can watch over Colin’s shoulder as he shows you the steps the exact steps he uses in ranking the sites. You actually get to see him put his report in action! This is potentially priceless information!

    OTO2: ezBacklinks Software

    Andy is well known for his software and this one is a doozie! This is a premium grade software for building back links the correct way. No, back links aren’t dead. You need to have the right back links and that is what this software does. Not only does it build the correct type of back links, but you are able to manage your links for each of your websites. You can create the perfect footprint on your site that Google is looking for.

    Secret Web Assets is launching on Feb. Get your access below


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