300 Internet Marketers Review

Brian Johnson is starting a new Internet Marketing coaching program this month called 300 Internet Marketers. This program is designed to show internet marketers how to really build a true online business.

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Who is Brian Johnson and should I trust him?

I was first introduced to Brian in his Commission Ritual program. I purchased the main product as well as joined his Inner Circle membership.I use the techniques that I learned in Commission Ritual and Inner Circle in a large portion of my internet business and I truly respect his abilities to teach anyone how to build a successful online business.

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Brian is a true internet marketer as well a mentor for many online marketers. He has made a heck of lot of money through affiliate marketing and not just through selling infomation products courses. One of his favorites is building sites that Halloween costumes, but he has also made money through promoting other physical products as well. Brian’s resume for instructing online marketers includes SEO Press, Auto Content Cash, and Halloween Super Affiliate coaching program.

What is 300 Internet Marketers?

300 Internet Marketers is his new coaching program. He is only taking on 300 internet marketers into his five month long coaching program. This program will consist of blueprints, reports and action guides. The first portion of the course is his 90 day Spartan Affiliate Blueprint. This portion will concentrate on establishing a successful online business and will feature a live weekly coaching webinar with Brian.

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The next webinar series will feature no pitch seminars with industry leaders such as James J. Jones, Daniel Morley (his ClickBank rep), Kevin Rogers and other successful internet marketers.

The August series will continue to build on the foundation that he has helped you build. These webinars will focus on additional traffic sources, product launches, and creating joint venture partnerships.

Another key aspect of the program will allow you to watch over his shoulder as he does a product launch. This will take you from the conception of the product through the actual product launch including the first sales of the product. This portion is well worth the cost of the course. There are not many marketers that will give you this much insight into their actual business.

300 Internet Marketers will also feature a private forum. I know from the Commission Ritual forum that these forums are very active and that not only will Brian be active and answer questions, but fellow marketers will also share their knowledge and experiences too. This helps tremendously in applying and clarifying the principles of the course as well as sharing many techniques for internet marketing.

I know most internet marketers budgets are on tight budgets, but I truly feel that if you are able to invest in a program that will actually help you to become successful in the online world, then 300 Internet Marketers will give you a good bang for the buck. Either way, you should check out the program and opt in for his free downloads and videos. Brian’s freebies are usually a good mini course in itself

Check out 300 Internet Marketers – Click here to learn more

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