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I got an email about this plugin on the Warrior Forum. It took me about 2 seconds of looking through the sales page to decide that I had to have this. Associate Goliath is one cool plug for creating quickly and I mean quickly creating Amazon posts on your website. I installed the plugin, added my Amazon ID and other Amazon info. I then went to the create posts page, selected the keyword, number of posts, and price range. I clicked the button and about thirty seconds later all of the posts were built and scheduled for the next week. This program is on fire. I’ve used some other Amazon posting programs and they were extremely slow. This will build the posts quickly.  It is truly amazing. He is offering two versions,  a single site and developer which allows you to use on multiple sites. The price difference is minimal so I got the developer version.

Check out the Associate Goliath video:

[evp type=youtube][/evp]

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To recap, what Associate Goliath does is::

    • Goes out and searches Amazon based on your product selections.
    • Finds the products matching your selection.
    • Goes to each page on Amazon.
    • Grabs the product title, product image, total rating (with stars), price, product description, product details, technical details, product reviews, meta keywords and meta description from the page.
    • Creates a post for each of the products.
    • Schedules and posts the listings based on the schedule you set.

It doesnt get any simpler than this.

After the posts are created you can go in and edit or put in additional information to make the posts more unique if you want to. This is a great plugin for generating Amazon content and sales. I bought it and you should definitely take a look to see if you can use it in your arsenal.

Get more info on Associate Goliath:   CHECK IT OUT




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