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IAuto Content Cash a

Revolutionary Internet Marketing technology

or just another internet marketing course to throw your money away?

Brian Johnson ,   Alex Goad, and  Jared Croslow team together for a new internet marketing course -  Auto Content Cash which will be available  March 9,  2010. This review will answer you questions on a what it is and what does it do, and more importantly, will it work for me?

First I want to tell you a little about Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is true super affiliate marketer. He has been making money for years through creating highly targeted niche websites most notably he has had a huge success in the Halloween costume market, but he has also had huge success with other physical products as well as adsense,  ebay, and amazon. He is also the author of two successful internet marketing courses – Seo Formula Press and Commission Ritual.

He teaches in the Commission Ritual his method on how to build simple, but targeted websites using WordPress and free plugins to achieve rankings on the first page of search engines. As a purchaser of Commission Ritual and member of his Inner Circle forum, I have personally experienced the thrill of hundreds of visitors coming to my site while not having to pay a penny for pay per click ads. Brian methodically instructs on every aspect of creating these profitable websites

What is Auto Content?

Are you tired of struggling to create new content for your websites? Whether you are new to internet marketing or if you are experienced, we all know how hard it is to constantly add fresh information to a website in order to rank high on Google or any of the search engines. Personally, I find that I’m good for building a page or two of content on a site before I start running out of ideas. Constantly coming up with new content is both time consuming and frustrating.

In March, Brian is launching his new training course – Auto Content Cash. This course will show an automated system on how to create and launch profitable wordpress websites using plugins that create content for your website 24 hours a day. No longer do you have to spend countless hours and late nights trying to generate new content for your site, you can have the autocontent plug ins cranking out on your autoblog while you sleep or spend your time working on building more sites or promoting your sites.

With your auto cash content sites you can:

  • Grow Your Blog On Auto Pilot
  • No Writing Skills Required
  • Make Cash With Affiliate Links and  Adsense
  • Achieve High Rank Search Engine Listings
  • Have Prospects Coming Back Looking For More Information
  • Easy To Use and Install wordpress plug ins
  • Free Up Your Time With Automated Posting

Stop from Being Held Hostage by expensive PPC traffic

Brian came up with the idea for this method to use in automating his own websites. He only teaches things that he has personally found to work in his own business.  You can be assured that his methods work since he practices what he preaches through real world testing.

Get Expert Help Every Step of the Way

You can be assured that Brian isn’t just giving you the plugins and an ebook to learn from. There are several plugins that can create auto-content cash sites. What the course will do  is show  you step by step the most effective and profitable way to build your site. You just need to duplicate his steps to start finding success in your own business.

What Will You Do with All of Your Newfound Unstoppable Automated Traffic?

About Me

I’m fairly new at internet marketing. I’ve been working at this about a year now. I started trying pay per click marketing and along the way probably spent $1000 in different courses.  I made some money, but not as much I was paying for pay per click traffic. I found Brian’s Commission Ritual product about five months ago and gave up ppc. In this course, he teaches using wordpress to build niche websites with unique content.  I launch each site for less than $8 – the cost of buying a domain. His course is very comprehensive and when you apply his techniques correctly, it works! I have had my sites on the first two pages of Google and Yahoo against a million results! My Halloween costume site that I launched at the end of the first week of October, was #5  by the last week of October and getting almost 300 hits a day -FREE TRAFFIC! I’m looking forward to the launch of Auto Content Cash because I too am excited about learning to how to  efficiently automate my sites. I will be able to quickly launch more sites in the niches I am targeting. For the low price that he is charging,  know that it is absolutely worth every penny. My personal advice to you is to determine what you want to do as an Affiliate Marketer, find a guru such as Brian Johnson who provides a comprehensive method of achieving your goals, and then stick to that plan. Try not to get swayed by every offer in your in box and focus on your goal.

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Auto Content Cash Bonus

I have put together a massive bonus for the first 50 people to purchase through my link. The bonuses include everything you need to get a wordpress site created. WordPress websites are great for creating the mini-niche sites that Auto Content Cash is designed for. I have particularly geared this bonus so that if you haven’t used wordpress, that you will have the tools necessary to put your site together quickly.  Come here on March 9 and order through my link to get these bonuses.

Bonus # 1 WordPress Setup Videos

If you are new to WordPress, these videos will help you get your own site up quickly and easily. Some of the

features of these videos are:

*Where to find every plugin available that you would ever need and how to install them!

* How to prime your blogs for the search engines (Google loves blogs and will love yours even more than the average after you use these simple tips and tricks)!

* How to quickly create new pages and posts on the fly (no more fiddling with HTML)!

* Exactly how to monetize your WordPress blogs (hint – you will discover many revenue streams that you can easily add to your blog)!

* How to integrate an opt-in form on your WordPress Blog that builds your list automatically!

* How to write your first post and even add pictures and video to boost your credibility!

* How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress Blog so that you understand where your traffic is coming from!

Bonus 2:

50 Adsense Ready WordPress Themes

50 Adsense Ready WordPress Themes

Make your new sites stand out from the crowd. The look and feel of your blog matters to your blog visitors. Not only are they interested in valuable information you provide, but the presentation and overall look of your blog will also help to make them repeat visitors as well as more responsive to any offers or ads you may have on your blogs.

Bonus # 3  Auto Blog Feeder

Watch New Content Get Added To Your Blog Every Single Day, In Any Niche You Choose For The Next 8 Years, With Only 3 Mouse Clicks!
New “Set It And Forget It” Technology Automatically Drip Feeds Fresh New Content Into Your Blog For As Long As You Choose! This will enhance your arsenal of tools in addition to the plugins that come with Auto Content Cash

Bonus # 4  Duplicate Bye Bye

Duplicate Bye Bye is a wordpress pluging that will allow the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to see your content as Unique…So unique that it passes CopyScape every single time, even though it is content being pulled from other sites.

Bonus 5:  “Video Blogging to Millions”

Video Blogging to Millions will show you step by step how to benefit from your own video blog. This  ebook will show you everything you need to know to get your own website set up without investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment and fees. Videos are increasingly becoming a factor in successful online marketing.

Bonus # 6 – 40 More WP Themes for your site

Even more wordpress themes! You will have a huge selection to use on your wordpress site so each can have a different look.

Click below to get these bonuses!  The bottom of the clickbank screen should have TEXASAG80 After purchasing please email your receipt to . I will have your bonus to you ASAP.


Ken Allen