I look forward to Black Friday every year. I start looking at the the ad scans on Bfads.net when they start coming out in October. You can find some great deals especially if you want to camp out at Best Buy for a week. Personally, I’m not that crazy. It is kind of fun to get up early and find some bargains. Usually the really good stuff is by the time I get into the store, but usually I can get a lot of what I am after.

This Black Friday though is going to be special. Why? Because after I have made my wallet a bit lighter, it is time to do something even more important. It is time to attend the Black Friday Boot Camp that Ryan Deiss is putting on.

What is the Black Friday Boot Camp?

The Black Friday Camp is your opportunity to learn how to make money on the hottest market out there – Amazon Kindle. You know the Kindle sells for less than than what it costs to make because Amazon is expecting its users to buy books to fill it up. Now, by following the steps in the free Boot Camp workbook, you ¬†could have your book ready to go by Monday morning. He wrote a small report using the same system and sells over 700 copies a month for a monthly profit of + $2000. I don’t know about you but I am definitely going to take a look at this free workbook. If a simple 20 page report can generate that kind of money, then I am willing to give it a shot.

If I can learn how to make that kind of money on a regular basis, then maybe next year on Black Friday I can sleep in since paying retail won’t be a probably. Nah, I would probably still get up earlier and go find my bargains just for the fun of it :)

Regardless, I am going to give the Boot Camp a shot and you should too. Download your free Black Friday Boot Camp workbook by clicking the button below.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.



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