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Halloween Super Affiliate 2013

Brian Johnson is bringing back his Halloween Super Affiliate program coaching program update for 2011. Last year he released the program and only a few select marketers were able to get in at a price of $497. Halloween Super Affiliate 2013 will include the full program for last year and is updated with new material based on what he has learned in the last year. The best part is that Halloween Super Affiliate 2013  is only $37 this year. As a new member of Halloween Super Affiliate you wil have access to all of last years webinars which include over 20 webinars! This is a super value for anyone that wants to learn how to make money online during a very heavy shopping period. Why do you want to do affiliate marketing during Halloween. Halloween is one of the largest markets available for affiliate marketing. Do you realize that Halloween is an 8 billion dollar market? There is plenty of opportunity for an affiliate to create halloween based sites and profit from the spooky halloween marketing season. There are many different ways to profit from Halloween: Physical products such as promoting Halloween costumes, halloween decorations, halloween props, halloween accessories. Other ways to promote are to have adsense on your site. Brian will explain how you can profit from Halloween sites in his program.

Click here to get Halloween Super Affiliate

What is Halloween Super Affiliate? Halloween Super Affiliate is the coaching program that Brian created based on his personal experiences of promoting Halloween costumes. He is an internet marketer that has actually made money promoting physical products on the internet. His first year promoting halloween as an affiliate netted him over $20,000. Last year was the first year of his coaching program and he has several students reporting that they did quite well with their sites. This year he is continuing the program and allowing more people to access the program. As a member of Halloween super affiliate, you will receive the core manual which contains over 120 pages of information to assist you in becoming successful at halloween marketing. Another component is access to the webinar and videos that were part of the program from last year including updates that Brian has done for 2013. Another great part is the access to last years webinars of which there were more than 20. Also there are three new webinars for this year and a webinar with the affiliate team – Kristin Dunn and Priest Willis. They will be able to provide you even more insight into halloween and costume promotion for affiliates.

Click here to get Halloween Super Affiliate

The Halloween Super Affiliate private forum is another key component is the members forum. Here you can interact with other members as well as with Brian. You can get your questions answered in the forum by fellow marketers. I have purchased several products from Brian including Commission Ritual, Auto Content Cash, and 300 Internet Marketers.  I can personally attest to the quality of his products. This isn’t some push button marketing program. You will have to work, but the rewards are worth it. I highly recommend this program to you.

Click here to get Halloween Super Affiliate

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Affiliate HD Review

Affiliate HD Review


AffiliateHD is a new program from Jason Fladien and it is a doozy of a program. This is a 12 week program that will take you through some very innovative methods for making money as an affiliate. We have all heard the money is in the list. Well, Jason will explain to you why the money is not in the list and how can you make money as an affiliate even selling toliet paper on a continuity program (who knew). The program looks great and I personally am going to join it. I can give a full review yet because the modules havent been released, but Jason walks through a full review of what the program entails in his webinars. There is a limited time that the program will be open – only until June 26 at Midnite PST.

You can download my pdf review of the webinar and can access the replay of the webinar by clicking here

Register for the webinar:  AffiliateHD Webinar


Information Product Systems Review By Dan Lew

Information Product Systems Review


Dan Lew is launching a new product on June 4 and it isn’t the normal “how to make money as an affiliate” program. Instead, his program is designed to teach you how to make money by creating your own information products. This is where the money is!  He has a very extensive training program that he is offering and it looks like it will be a good one!

Click here to take a look at Dan Lew’s Information Product System

The basic product will cost around $47. This is a good price point for anyone that wants to get started learning how to create an information product that can be sold online. The product will consist of 7 total modules. Each of the modules will have 4 or five videos on the particular topic. What is covered in the program. How to create information products is the basis of the program, but in order to become successful with your own product there is alot more to learn. The modules will cover topics such as how to create sale pages and sales copy for you product. This is a huge necessity to entice buyers to spend their money! Another topic is on sales platforms. Creating a great product is one thing, but what you really want is to get paid for it! In order to do that, you will need to have a mechanism to for your buyers to pay for the product as well as a delivery system to get the product to the buyer. Automation is the key to success!

The course will include not only the videos, but will have guides, mindmaps and other great stuff too!

There will be some OTO’s (One Time Offers) that are presented after purchasing the base product. These will be around $97 dollars and will enhance the first product. The first OTO is a software product. This software is designed to make it easier to create info products. The second OTO is a hot product suite that will enhance both products.

Click here to take a look at Dan Lew’s Information Product System






Promote Me Pro Review and Bonus


PROMOTE ME PRO Review and Bonus



Click here to get your copy right away: Promote Me Pro

Are you sick of social media marketing?
This is the only tool missing from your marketing toolbox.
This is now your go to social media marketing tool

In order to increase sales you need to increase traffic, to do
that there is absolutely no way you can avoid some sort of
social media marketing.

Problem is, it’s a pain in the butt!

Manually doing anything online takes far too long.

My philosophy is “Automate and Profit” and it’s been
working insanely well.

Sean Donahoe, one of the most prolific people in the online
industry has the “Automate and Profit” mentality engrained
in his soul.

He has recently come out with one of the most powerful social
media tools you will ever come across.

Here’s what it does:

* Create FULLY AUTOMATED Social Media campaigns in SECONDS
* Post To MULTIPLE accounts in the same network
(One student has over 200 Twitter Accounts being posted to!)
* Drive FLOODS of LASER-TARGETED Traffic to your site (HOT!)
* Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest
* Generate INSTANT Trust and Authority with your customers
* Capture and DOMINATE all your target markets
* CRUSH Social Networks with your permanent presence
* MAXIMIZE your Profits through the power of Social Marketing

You read that right, the 4 most popular social media sites out there
can now be automated!

Including Google Plus which is going to give you massive respect
in Google’s eyes.

Do not miss this opportunity to dominate social media, it’s
automated and should be a no brainer.

I’m standing behind this product 200% because it’s not only
amazing but Sean is an amazing vendor and I know I can trust
he will take care of you as his customer.

You will also be getting this for an insane discount.

So I’m giving you my personal recommendation to
grab your copy right now.

Click here to get your copy right away: Promote Me Pro

To Your Success,m

Ken Allen

Promote Me Pro Bonus



This strategy is one of the most powerful SEO tactics that Sean has been talking about for years and still works today as an automatic AUTHORITY and RANKING booster for any site. SEO Experts still use thisPOWERHOUSE tactic as one of their secret weapons and it was all started by Sean in this insider report…




One of Sean’s most popular courses shows how he started making 6-Figures by unleashing the power of Video Marketing. This best-selling course reveals all the insider tactics he used to start with ZERO income to 6 Figures in under 6 months with tactics that work as well today as they did when he started. Timeless strategies you can use now!




One of the biggest challenges people have in IM is lead generation. Getting people to sign up, creating AMAZING squeeze pages and video squeezes. Well, now you have the software to INSTANTLY create compelling, high-converting and GORGEOUS squeeze pages in just a few clicks… So simple thatANYONE can use it in minutes…


Copywriters cost $1000s…So, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have some of their best headlines at your finger tips to make everything you do convert like crazy and keep your viewers hooked? Well, now you can with over 300 of the best “Fill in the Blanks” headlines ever…

Click here to get your copy and bonus right away: Promote Me Pro


Revenge of the Affiliates Coaching

Revenge of the Affiliates Coaching Review and Bonus




What is Revenge of the Affiliates?

Back in January 2010, Brian Johnson first conceived his Revenge of the Affiliate program. This started out as a 2 hour  webinar  where he first outlined his goals and plan for dominating the Kindle market. Most of hadn’t even thought of creating products for Kindle and here Brian was coming out with a game plan for making it work. Several months later, he came out with his first Kindle coaching program called Kindle Ritual . This was an excellent coaching program that taught beginners how to succeed with Kindle.

Brian is now launching the Revenge of the Affiliate Coaching program. This program is a three month bootcamp for Kindle. During these ten weeks, Brian will take his trainees by the hand and teach them exactly what is needed to succeed in Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. He will provide the knowledge, training, and tools that will give YOU the ability to become a successful Kindle author.

What is in  Revenge of the Affiliates?

Brian is providing a complete program that will allow both the beginner and seasoned marketer to succeed with Kindle. The coaching program includes the following:

Revenge of the Affiliate Training:

10 weekly webinar sessions – His webinars are very complete and are likely to have hot seat sessions where students can have their projects evaluated. The webinars are recorded so you don’t have to worry if you don’t make it live.

Video tutorials – Brian walks you through the processes so that you fully understand what to do.

PDF documentation – I know from past experience that Brian’s documentation is awesome although sometimes as he admits he has spelling issues :)

How to research your book as well as your target demographics.

How to outsource on a budget – leave the writing to someone else!

Book naming formula – The book’s name is inherent in its success.

Brian’s children’s book blueprint.

Kindle Publishing Tools

KF8 Kindle formatting tools makes formatting your book a breeze!

Kindle book cover creator – This new tool allows anyone to make an awesome cover!

Kindle Facebook  Group

The Facebook group allows you to interact with other students. This is a great way of sharing ideas as well a support group for any problem that you need help with.


The Revenge of the Affiliates coaching program is perfect for anyone that wants to learn how to make passive income with Kindle. Brian is holding a free webinar on June 4 where he is going to cover the what the program entails.

Click here to sign up for the webinar: Revenge of the Affiliates Webinar

Coming soon my Revenge of the Affiliates Bonus








CurationSoft 2.0 | CurationSoft 2.0 Review


CurationSoft 2.0 | CurationSoft 2.0 Review

CurationSoft 2.0 is a new training program from Mark Thompson. CurationSoft 2.0 runs Adobe Air software and you can discover, review and curate content from  Blekko Blogs and News, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Blogs and News,  Flickr and ANY RSS feed you desire!  The software is designed to run on your desktop and will run on both Mac (Mac OSX, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)  and Windows machines (Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7). It can also curate content to almost any platform. You don’t have to just use WordPress. You can add content to Tumblr, Blogger, Google +, Drupal and of course WordPress. Almost every marketer can find a use for this software.

CurationSoft 2.0 also includes a complete 12 week training program for a One Time Offer.  You won’t be left in the dark trying to figure out how to make this work.

One cool thing is that they are offering a lite version of the program for a very low price. This way you can test drive it to see if it is for you. The limitation is that it is ad supported and only use one source for content as opposed to 10. Still, it is a great way to learn the software and try it out.

Quality content is what drives the internet and if you are having issues coming up with it then this may be a perfect solution for you.



Instbuilder Bonus

I have added an Instabuilder Bonus. Please send your Clickbank receipt  to KenAllen059 @ with the subject Insta Builder Bonus. Your order form should have TEXASAG80 at the bottom.


BONUS #1 – WP Social Footer

WP Social Footer – Makes Social Sharing A Snap! The Ultimate tool that helps you drive more visitors through the social network, increase your blog traffic by 200% to 300% and transform your sites into a popular marketplace!


BONUS #2 - WP Warmup

13 Part, Step By Step Video Course To Learn To Quickly and Easily Setup and Run WordPress Blog.


BONUS #3 - List Building Exposed

Step by step video tutorials to build a massive list from scratch


BONUS #4 - Mass Traffic Attack

Includes eBook in DOC format, 14 videos in Camtasia Format, and Powerpoints.


BONUS #5 - 125 Private Label Articles

With No Restriction Private Label Rights!


Instabuilder Review and Bonus

Instabuilder Review


If you have an online business you know the difficulties of having to build different pages for your website, add videos, create squeeze pages, and post to Facebook. It’s not just that sometimes it is a pain to do all of this, but it is all so time consuming. Who has time to live the internet lifestyle when you all of this work to do? Thankfully, now there is a plug that can do all of this and do it quickly to.
Suzanna Theresia is relaunching here Instabuilder plugin on Feb 13, 2013. This plugin was a hit on the warrior forum with over 6000 copies sold. It is not available there now, but she has had so many requests for it that she is relaunching the product.

What is Instabuilder Plugin?

Instabuilder is a marketing powerhouse wordpress plugin. It is designed to make you life easier. This little plugin can do it all – quickly build squeeze pages, salespages, insert videos into your posts, capture leads, run split tests and more. The best part is that you can do it all in just five minutes! This plugin has more features than anything else on the market.

Go here for my Insta Builder BonusInstabuilder Bonus

Page One Evolution Review

Page One Evolution Review

Page One Evolution is a SEO training program that shows PRECISELY how to attain  high rankings in Google in 2013. Aiden Booth is releasing this course on Feb 4. Aiden is the creator of the Authority Hybrid course as well as partnering with Brian G Johnson on Kindle Ritual and Rank and Pillage. He was a student of Brian’s that became successful in his one right. Aiden has proven that he knows how to build sites that rank high in Google and make money. His new course Page One Evolution will show you EXACTLY how he does this.

Page One Evolution includes:

A 30 Pages On Page SEO Secrets. The Google panda update requires websites to be optimized for Low Bounce Rates, High Time on Site, Multiple Pages per visit, and User Engagement. Aiden will teach you exactly how he does it.

A 30 plus Advanced Page SEO manual.  Your fathers seo methods just don’t cut it anymore. Aiden will show his  9 “power tactics” which are BLISTERINGLY potent… if you utilize these techniques you won’t require many other links!

Look over Aiden’s shoulder in his 21 video tutorials.  Here he personally demonstrates EXACTLY how he obains his top rankings. He has videos showing every SEO tactics that he utilizes.

 The  ”Attention Grabber” plugin that Aiden uses  on has been using personal websites for a long time. This plugin has NEVER been sold to the public. This plugin will dramatically reduce the  bounce rate on your website and you can use it to redirect your sites visitors to where you want them to go to.

 Interact with Aiden on his Live SEO Training.  Aiden will show advanced SEO techniques as he shows how a professional SEO expert does SEO.

The Quick Start Earnings Plan contains 2 simple ways to make money using SEO.

Aidens Step by Step SEO Blueprint gives you daily tasks to complete for SEO on your sites. Use this daily to break down tasks and you will see exactly how he is able to obtain the top Google rankings.

Aiden will provide even more to his methods and as usual will seriously over deliver in Page One Evolution.

Join the Page One Evolution below:

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    Secret Web Assets | Secret Web Assets Review

    Secret Web Assets Review

    Secret Web Assets is a new SEO product from Andy Fletcher and Colin Klinkert. Andy is a well known and well respected SEO master. I have personally purchased and used his products and can tell you they do work!.  He is the owner of Digiresults and has created numerous SEO products. Colin is also well know for his SEO products including Social Monkey and Viral Networks.


    What is Secret Web Assets?

    Secret Web Assets has several different aspects. The first is a special case study  that shows exactly how Colin gets his sites ranked:

    FE: Secret Web Assets: Honest SEO 2013

    This hot collection of SEO training and case studies lays bare exactly how you can rank your sites. This report not only shows you Colin’s sites and niches, but provides a step by step guide on how you can do it too. The best part is the special report will only set you back 7 smackeroos!

    OTO1: Secret Web Assets: The hidden secrets to making Google Play Fetch

    The report is above is great, but this will help boost your abilities even more. This is a collection of videos where you can watch over Colin’s shoulder as he shows you the steps the exact steps he uses in ranking the sites. You actually get to see him put his report in action! This is potentially priceless information!

    OTO2: ezBacklinks Software

    Andy is well known for his software and this one is a doozie! This is a premium grade software for building back links the correct way. No, back links aren’t dead. You need to have the right back links and that is what this software does. Not only does it build the correct type of back links, but you are able to manage your links for each of your websites. You can create the perfect footprint on your site that Google is looking for.

    Secret Web Assets is launching on Feb. Get your access below


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