You’ve probably already seen the fuss
that CBPredators is causing… it’s all
over the forums, and it seems like just
about everyone in the world is talking
about it.

Well, keep reading, because you’re
about the get the complete lowdown.
I’ve been given exclusive details about
it, and I’m sharing it all with you right

I’m about to reveal what it does, how
it works, and anything else you want
to know…

… and pay attention, because this
thing really is a game-changer.

***What IS CB Predators?

It’s an autopilot income machine. The
custom built software allows you to
put up a custom built, fully monetized
website with just 18 clicks of your

No joke.

18 clicks and it’s done… and it’s even
set up to get completely free, automatic
traffic too.

You can build as many or as few of the
sites as you like, and they’ll always be
unique and 100% whitehat and search
engine friendly.

***How is each site unique?

Every site you create is completely
customizable – you can easily tweak
the layout and functions, using the
in-built system. And don’t worry,
you don’t need to know any programming
or anything tricky like that.

They’ve even got a gang of pro writers
working hard, writing completely unique
content to be added to your sites automatically.

No spun articles or garbage like that, it’s
all high quality content.

***How do the sites get traffic?

Your sites will naturally rank well in the search
engines, so you’ll get free, targeted, organic traffic.

If you want more than that though, say PPC or PPV,
don’t worry, because our Member’s Only training
will show you exactly how to do it, fast and easy.

So you don’t need to worry about Google slaps, and
you don’t need to worry about us leaving you high
and dry either.

You get ongoing cutting edge training, so you always
know what to do when you want more visitors.

Or on the other hand, you can just kick back and
watch the money come in from the free organic
traffic. Your call.

***Can you install multiple sites on one

Yes you can. You can install your sites
quickly and easily into subdomains… so
if you have, you could easily
use the unlimited subdomains most sites
come with to host your Predator sites.

***Won’t it be pointless if everybody is
promoting the same product?

Yes, and that’s why they’ve made sure that
can’t happen. The CBPredators software assigns
strict user limits on each product.

Once the limit is reached, new users won’t
be able to promote that product. To keep it
fair it’s done on a first come-first served

… and besides, there are plenty of things
for everyone to promote. Which leads me
neatly onto:

***So many people promote product launches
these days – won’t the competition be insane
unless you’re one of the first?

No it won’t. Simply because the CBPredators
guys have teamed up with most of the big product
vendors, and created agreements to get notice
and access to their new products before other

Put bluntly, if you’re a Predators member,
you get to know about the launches WAY
before regular people.

We both know that’s worth a small fortune
on its own.

***How much does it cost?

Good question. This is the actual personal
software that the Predators guys use. They
made over a hundred grand and counting
with it during their testing…

… but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the guys behind it have
PROMISED me that this will be the bargain
of the year.

So, I can’t tell you exactly how much it costs
yet, but I can promise you one thing – it’s
probably going to be MUCH less than you’re

In fact, they’ve guaranteed me personally that
it’s going to be so low that it’s a no-questions

Look, let’s get down to it…

We both know that being able to create profitable
sites in just a few minutes – including traffic – is

Demand will be crazy for CBPredator, and
at this point they’re not sure exactly how many they
can sell…

It goes live at 3pm Eastern, on Tuesday April 20th.

Note that down, this is going to change your life.

Also they are giving away some really cool
stuff for free at the minute… You can get it
by going here: Cbpredators

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