Cinematic Profits Review

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Cinematic Profits is a new website building product designed to take advantage of the huge 10 billion dollar movie industry. Unlike many making money products this was is a little different since it is focused on a single niche – the movie industry which is huge. This is a software application that is designed specifically to build websites based on movie trailers and automatically monetize the website several different ways. The software utilizes Adobe Air and can run on both a PC and a Mac. The website can be monetized with Adense, Clickbank, Amazon, and CPA offers. One cool thing is that if the movie trailer you select is already on dvd, then it adds the dvd on the site from Amazon so that your visitors can quickly purchase the product earning you a commission!

The blogs are quickly setup from the desktop application. You will need to get your own domain name and website hosting. Essentially you add your domain information and it installs the website in a few minutes. You then pick the movie trailers that you want to add your website just by selecting the movies. You determine what you want on your site and you are able to quickly build the site as you can see in the Cinematics Profit video above.

Another cool feature build into Cinematic Profits is the linking. Websites that are using the softwar are automatically linked together so there is an instant backlinking system build into the sites.

There is an upsell on Cinematic Profits. They offer modules on website flipping since these are sites are perfect for flipping and a module on Facebook which will help driver visitors to your site.

The Cenematic Profits training is built into the dashboard as well as an interface to easily submit support tickets if needed.

Cinematic Profits is a complete website building program that will allow you to profit from the movie industry. The software is priced very low so everyone can afford to take advantage of this offer

Click here to check out Cinematic Profits



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