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Commission Maniac is a new push botton software that Craig Kaye is launching on April 18th. Commission Maniac is what he calls “Hard Cash Technology” which he guarantees to bring hard cash to your bank accounts. This product is what Craig used to stop working 24/7 to earn money online and start automating the entire process. This push button software is the most sophisticated software available on the market today.

What does Commission Maniac do?

This software program will do nearly everything for you:

Automatically find profitable niches with the Profitable Niche Probe
Automatically find profitable keywords with the Converting Keyword Analyser
Automatically discover profitable domains with the Keyword Domain Scout
Automatically create your sites with the Niche Site Generator
Automatically create content with the SEO Content Blitzer
Automatically get backlinks to your site with the PR4+ Backlink Phantom
Automatically update your content with Content Update Nuke
Automatically create rss feeds with RSS Feed Apache
Automatically create ads with the Affiliate Ads Annihilation
Automatically generate Hard Cash Commissions

The level of automation in this software is unheard of and Craig say it will definitely make your life easier to be successful on the internet. You will be blown away at the capabilities of this software.

Here’s what Craig say’s you won’t need:
1. Alot of money to get started
2. Technical knowlege
3 .Experience in online marketing
4. A product of your own.
5. A current website of your own.

Commission Maniac promises to automate the whole process for you.You will get all the tools and instructions to make this happen.  The product is through Clickbank which always provides a 60 day guarantee.

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To get these bonus items simply purchase Commission Maniac through my link. Send your receipt to  Your clickbank order form needs to have affiliate = Texasag80 at the bottom.

Bonus #1 Super Affiliate Commissions

Super Affiliate commissions is a  systematic approach to building a hugely profitable online empire consisting of nothing more than other people’s products that includes video, audio, and pdf files that will teach you:

 How to convert 20-40% of your visitors into targeted prospects!
 How to maximize your sales for every one-time effort you put in to drive traffic to your pages!
 HOW TO TEST THE WATERS: quickly measure the conversions of a merchant site before promoting full-steam ahead!
 How to back-end your affiliate profits! This is rarely done by most affiliates, and this is one of the little things that distinguish super affiliates from the rest of the average ones!
 How to revive your prospects list even if they don’t buy the affiliate product you recommend… and cash in twice as much!

Bonus#2  Maximum Impact Social Media tactics

Discover The Secrets To Generating More Traffic, Leads, and Sales By Piggy-Backing On High Traffic Social Media Websites…

Using These 77 Powerful Tactics, You’ll Generate An Unlimited Amount of Traffic To Your Websites

Bonus #3 Social Network Marketing Extreme

Are You Tired Of Struggling To drive Traffic To Your Websites?

“Now You Can ALSO Drive Tons Of Traffic And FINALLY Make HUGE Online Profits By Discovering All The *SECRETS* of Social Network Marketing Domination…”

Tap into the FUTURE of online marketing by discovering ALL the secrets to Social Network Marketing and how to harness the awesome power of it for UNLIMITED Income potential

Bonus #4  Facebook Marketing Secrets

Finally, Discover Secret Facebook Marketing Tips And The Newest And HOTTEST Guru Facebook Techniques That Are GUARANTEED To BOOST Your Profits Quickly And Easily! Read on to discover how the facebook fat cats spill their guts and reveal all the secret facebook tips that will catapult your facebook marketing efforts to new heights!


Bonus #5 Sniper List Building

You’ve Heard That The “Money Is In The List”… Now, YOU Can Learn MY Secrets For Building Your OWN HUGE, Responsive List Fast…

WARNING: Dangerously Effective List Building Secrets May Cause Your Inbox To OVERLOAD With New Sign-Ups And Sales

“If You’re Struggling To Build Your List & Make Money Online, Read On To Discover The Simplest Strategy To Capture 100′s Of Fresh Targeted Leads Everyday! Don’t Worry, This System Is 100% Legal, But Your Competitors May Come Looking For You!”


Bonus #6 Redzone Cpa

 Quite simply, this course will teach you a drop-dead simple way of making a bare minimum of $300 per day with free CPA offers.The author showed this method to his 18 year old son and 3 of his friends. In their first month they did over $14,000 in free CPA offer commissions.

Bonus #7  Offline Assassin

Did you know that you can generate a 6-figure income just by helping online businesses develop an online presence? It’s true, not only is this opportunity extremely lucrative but there is VERY little competition to ever worry about!

To get your Commission Maniac Bonus  items,  simply purchase Commission Maniac through my link. Send your receipt to  Your clickbank order form needs to have affiliate = Texasag80 at the bottom.

Purchase Commission Maniac

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