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Jared Croslow is ringing in the new year releasing a new course on January 11, 2011 called Content Lockdown. Jared is a well known marketer and has been instrumental in numerous affiliate maketing courses including Auto Content Cash, Cliconomics, and Trackdown Spider. His new course is in conjunction with Vince Wong and Mike Kim.

Jared is promising this is not a rehashed course that you have seen somewhere. This is a proven unique blueprint that uses a proprietary software to get traffic and drive it to his unique monetization strategies. Content Lockdown doesn’t need any marketing or conversion skills, no ads and very little money to implement, yet it’s shown to develop passive income earning sites one after the other He has used this to generate over $220,000 in the last nine months.

Beginners will learn the fastest and easiest way to earn real money online starting from total scratch, without skill, without investment and , without experience.Seriously, a monkey could do this. Smart monkey not even required.

Click here to get your free copy of “The Insider’s Guide to CPA Acceptance”

Intermediate and advanced: The more advanced tactics in Content Lockdown demonstrate how to scale the model to create six figure passive incomes

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What is Content Lockdown?

Content Lockdown is based on using CPA offers to monetize your site. The key to being successful is finding the right markets  and  getting the right offer to them. When you can do this, you can successfully

What does Content Lockdown contain?

Content Lockdown is divided into four main modules:

Recon: This is base for creating your income streams. Learning the market that you want to target. This module covers keyword research, market research,  and the psychology behind Content lockdown. Learning the demographics of the market you are trying to dominate and then presenting offers that match that market is a huge key to success.

Deployment – Here you will learn how to implement the strategies of Content Lockdown. This includes buying domains and getting hosting. It also covers setting up a wordpress site and configuring the Content Lockdown plugin.

Domination- Dominate your market and see your income grow.  This module covers how to dominate Google. It contains videos and case studies on SEO by on page and off page SEO.

Automate- This is where you can really scale your business and the Content Lockdown methods are very easy to do this with.  Automation is the key to growing your business to new heights. This module goes into outsourcing your business. The videos cover automation sources and how to pick the right candidates to outsource your business.

In addition,  there are Advanced Training modules:

Xtreme: Seo – This module goes heavy into how to promote and get links to your website - press releases,  forum posts,  linkwheels, .edu and .gov backlinks and more!

Xtreme:  Outsourcing – Here you will go even deeper into outsourcing techniques and project management.

Countdown Lockdown is full of video and pdf files to show you how the system fully works. It also contains workshops, webinars, a Command Center (resource

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