If you read my original post on Content Lockdown then you know that Jared Croslow has put together an awesome affiliate marketing program. You can read the original Content Lockdown Review here.

The great news is that Jared is changing the price structure of the program a little bit to make it affordable for everyone! Essentially, he has divided the course into a basic and xtreme section plus another upsell for the workshops. So you can get the basic course for only $77. Now if you can afford it, I would add the xtreme portion and the workshops so you can learn the full amount possible from this course.

What is Content Lockdown?

The essential portion of the system is driving free traffic to your website. The website has a content locker so what the reader has to do is participate in a CPA offer to get to the site. You can provide an incentive for them do the offer. An example is a site that provides cheat codes for a particular game. On your site, you have a pdf document that they can download for free. Essentially, you are getting paid for it through the CPA offer. The visitor takes a free survey and then gets the information they are seeking and you get paid. No worrying about sales!

Content Lockdown stresses using free traffic and goes into various methods to do that as well as finding trendy topics to promote.

The course an awsome theme for using on a WordPress site and has step by step instructions for setting this up.

One of the coolest things in the Content Command Center. You install this and you can control things on you sites such as what cpa offers to show on the sites. You are controlling all of your sites from one panel. Very cool.

Take a look at Content Lockdown here:  Content Lockdown

Also, check out my bonus here: Content Lockdown Bonus.

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