CurationSoft 2.0 | CurationSoft 2.0 Review

CurationSoft 2.0 is a new training program from Mark Thompson. CurationSoft 2.0 runs Adobe Air software and you can discover, review and curate content from  Blekko Blogs and News, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Blogs and News,  Flickr and ANY RSS feed you desire!  The software is designed to run on your desktop and will run on both Mac (Mac OSX, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)  and Windows machines (Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7). It can also curate content to almost any platform. You don’t have to just use WordPress. You can add content to Tumblr, Blogger, Google +, Drupal and of course WordPress. Almost every marketer can find a use for this software.

CurationSoft 2.0 also includes a complete 12 week training program for a One Time Offer.  You won’t be left in the dark trying to figure out how to make this work.

One cool thing is that they are offering a lite version of the program for a very low price. This way you can test drive it to see if it is for you. The limitation is that it is ad supported and only use one source for content as opposed to 10. Still, it is a great way to learn the software and try it out.

Quality content is what drives the internet and if you are having issues coming up with it then this may be a perfect solution for you.



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