Digi Traffic Accelerator Review

Andy Fletcher is my favorite source for traffic software. Why you ask? Because unlike most of the junk software that is out there his traffic producing software actually works. I use it. I have used Wpsyndicator for awhile now and have found that this simple software has helped me tremendously in my rankings in competitive keywords. When Digi Traffic Accelerator came out last year, I immediately bought it. Why? I have found social bookmarking very helpful in achieving high search engine rankings even when just posting to a few sites. The problem is that it is a pain in the rear to go to each site and manually submit posts.

Digi Traffic Accelerator makes life a whole lot easier. You can quickly post you backlinks to up to 500 sites with very little effort on your part. This handy tool also supports spinning so you can spin the title and text for your posts very easily. Creating accounts and remembering passwords is also another thorn in my side. It will automatically create accounts with the different sites as well confirm the accounts for you. That is a definite time saver as well.

Check out Digi Traffic Accelerator

Digi Traffic Accelerator also support captcha software as well. We all know how much fun it is to manually solve these. Half of the time I cant even read the letters. Let the software do it for you so you can deal with the other headaches in your life.

I can honestly say I am very happy with the performance of Digi Traffic Accelerator. It is easy to use and I have seen excellent results in my search engine rankings within a few days after using it. Right now Andy has a special price on this so I would recommend you check it out while the price is still low.

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