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It is no secret that Facebook is one of the worlds largest social networks. It is also one the hottest marketing venues too. Where else can you potentially reach millions of highly targeted customers. One of the best ways of doing this is to have your own FanPage.

The problem is for most people it is not so easy to build a brand new Facebook Fanpage from scratch. Enter Justin Wheeler. He is about to make your life much easier and profitable. He is launching a new product called Easy FanPage Design.

This awesome new wordpress plugin will allows users to create great looking Fanpages in less than 15 minutes.Easy FanPage Design marries the social network dominating Facebook with WordPress which dominates blogs on the internet. With a wordpress blog, the Easy FanPage Design plugin, and a SSL certificate, you can create all the fan pages you need either for youself or for your clients and host all of this on one domain.

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Some of the design features of Easy FanPage:

  • Easily change the color and look of the fanpage
  • Hide you content until your visitor “Likes” your page
  • Automatic picture resizing
  • Easily add a comment sectionDynamic Content options available with a single click
  • Quickly add opt-in boxes

Justin also provides complete training videos so that you can get started immediately.

Easy FanPage Design allows you to quickly and easily create your Facebook Fan Page so that you can profit from the Facebook revolution.

Click here to get Easy FanPage Design

If your order through my link I am offering the following bonus. Send your Clickbank receipt to kenallen059@gmail.com Check the bottom of your Clickbank order form to make sure it has AFF=TEXASAG80

Bonus #1 – Facebook Marketing Secrets

Facebook Marketing SecretDiscover the secrets to marketing on Facebook. These 52 facebook marketing secrets will help you maximize your Facebook Marketing, reach your target audience, discover fans for your Facebook Fan Page, establish you Facebook presence and more.

Bonus #2 Facebook Coupon App

This software application will allow you to cash in on the coupon trend. You can easily add coupons to any Fan Page

Bonus #3 Facebook Ad Explosion

FaceFacebook Ad Explosionbook Ad Explosion is a six part video series that will teach you how to effectively and profitably use Facebook Ads to build your business.

Bonus #4 Facebook Shop Builder

Facebook Shop Builder SoftwareFacebook Shop Builder is a software program that lets you turn any Facebook page into an Amazon and/or Ebay store. You can stock your Facebook store with products from either of these in just five minutes. You dont need any technical knowledge. Just copy and past the html code

Bonus #5 WordPress 101 Video Series

Wordpress 101 Video SeriesEasy Fan Page Design requires a WordPress blog to run. If you are a beginner, then this video series will teach you what you need to create your WordPress site. Even if you are a veteran user, this series is sure to increase your knowledge on how to effectively build your sites.

Click here to get Easy FanPage Design and grab your Easy Fanpage Design Bonus. Send your Clickbank receipt to kenallen059@gmail.com Check the bottom of your Clickbank order form to make sure it has AFF=TEXASAG80

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