As you know… the key to creating big, fat affiliate paydays is finding a hungry market and feeding them exactly what they want.

It’s a very easy idea, but marketers  tend to over complicate it for you if you allow them,

Well, my freind, Brian G. Johnson, (who recently created Commission Ritual   then with Alex Goad and Jared Croslow  the awesome program : “Auto Content Cash”) has created the easiest program for making  major affiliate profits that I’ve seen in a long time.

And it’s scarily profitable.

Here’s what he does it…

Brian launches his campaigns exactly timed  to take command of major holidays and happenings that makes certain he will have a traffic rush of dollar-in-hand customers with an high priority deadline to fork over their cold hard cash.

His massive score occurs every fall during Halloween.

What is the reason for  Halloween?

Consider it…

Everybody likes to dress up for Halloween… everybody buys decorations for their home,  office, even their pets… and they all need to buy eveything by October 31st.

Being aware of exactly what consumers are shopping for — and precisely  when they must  purchase it is every affiliates ambition.

And Brian has conquered the method  for profiting these bonanza events like no one else.
In 2009,  he made over 22 grand in just 2 months (Sept. and Oct.)… and this fall he anticipates to top over 50K in profits in the same timeframe!

Here’s the best part… he accomplishes this without spending a penny on pay per click advertising!

… AND the way he creates the mini sites, they only boost in page rank and develop more trustworthiness while they sit anticipating next year’s big score. (All in a manner that Google and friends are completely cool with.)

Wacky correct?

Well, now he’s allowing  an exclusive amount of affiliates on the crazy ride up to Halloween with him this time…

… and reveal to them all of the things he does to beat the contenders — and do it all with zero traffic expenses. Just some inexpensive hosting and a couple of domain names.

He’s even providing  his ready-made WordPress templates that make putting up the sites extremely effortless, quick and uncomplicated . He can create them in 30 minutes!

Now you can take advantage of the high-value gold he’s giving  out free as part of his pre-launch right now.

He’s just created a free report that shows his battle strategies from Halloween 2009 with info outlining how he will conquer again in 2010.

Believe me… this is valuable information that you will want to get your hands on no matter whether you decide to sign up for his program or not.

Because in it he exposes…

– The hidden Google formula that practically guarantees you’ll achieve top SEO rankings.

– 3 activities  you can do immediately (for no cost) to increase your affiliate profits by 35%.

– An astonishing shortcut for scaling a niche marketing program– you haven’t seen anyplace else.

Yes, there is an opt-in for the free information and yes, it’worth s it. Brian is one of the good guys and only dishes out top-rated information.

If you want to discover how to rake in easy affiliate profits like dry leaves in the fall, then go  there now and check out what he has to say.

Click here!

It’s only accessible for a limited time during pre-launch so go get it now while you’re contenplating about it.


Ken Allen

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