Page One Evolution Review

Page One Evolution is a SEO training program that shows PRECISELY how to attain  high rankings in Google in 2013. Aiden Booth is releasing this course on Feb 4. Aiden is the creator of the Authority Hybrid course as well as partnering with Brian G Johnson on Kindle Ritual and Rank and Pillage. He was a student of Brian’s that became successful in his one right. Aiden has proven that he knows how to build sites that rank high in Google and make money. His new course Page One Evolution will show you EXACTLY how he does this.

Page One Evolution includes:

A 30 Pages On Page SEO Secrets. The Google panda update requires websites to be optimized for Low Bounce Rates, High Time on Site, Multiple Pages per visit, and User Engagement. Aiden will teach you exactly how he does it.

A 30 plus Advanced Page SEO manual.  Your fathers seo methods just don’t cut it anymore. Aiden will show his  9 “power tactics” which are BLISTERINGLY potent… if you utilize these techniques you won’t require many other links!

Look over Aiden’s shoulder in his 21 video tutorials.  Here he personally demonstrates EXACTLY how he obains his top rankings. He has videos showing every SEO tactics that he utilizes.

 The  ”Attention Grabber” plugin that Aiden uses  on has been using personal websites for a long time. This plugin has NEVER been sold to the public. This plugin will dramatically reduce the  bounce rate on your website and you can use it to redirect your sites visitors to where you want them to go to.

 Interact with Aiden on his Live SEO Training.  Aiden will show advanced SEO techniques as he shows how a professional SEO expert does SEO.

The Quick Start Earnings Plan contains 2 simple ways to make money using SEO.

Aidens Step by Step SEO Blueprint gives you daily tasks to complete for SEO on your sites. Use this daily to break down tasks and you will see exactly how he is able to obtain the top Google rankings.

Aiden will provide even more to his methods and as usual will seriously over deliver in Page One Evolution.

Join the Page One Evolution below:

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