Push Button SEO Review

Push Button SEO REVIEW

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Push Button SEO is an incredible new plugin from Brian Johnson. Many marketers push “Push Button” solutions but that is not what this is about. This plugin is specifically designed to help marketers build their websites in a manner that the search engines will love. Brian builds websites and is well versed in both affiliate marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). Building websites  is not  like the Kevin Cosner’s movie “Field of Dreams” – build it and they will come. You need to create your pages and posts in a manner that will satisfy Google that your site is worthy. This plugin is designed to help you do just that. As an early adopter of the Push Button Plugin, I can definitely say that it is worth adopting for building any wordpress site.

What does  the Push Button SEO plugin do?

Essentially,  it will help you create your posts in the best possible way to easily optimize the site for SEO. As you develop the site, you will get a visual indication how you are doing. The status bar will go from red to green as you accomplish specific tasks:

Push Button SEO

Another feature is that you can easily add video and images to your site. Why use video? One thing that your site gets rated on by google is the bounce rate. Interesting videos that relate to your content will keep your visitors interested longer and keep them on your pages. Images add to how well your site looks as well as pictures can also help drive traffic to you webpages.

Push Button SEO Videos

The Pushbutton Seo plugin will also help you with your keywords as well as analyze the keyword usage in your posts. Another thing it will help you with is the internal linking on your site. Links within your site to your main content will definitely help your SEO scores.

Push Button SEO Keywords

Content curation is a very cool feature of this plugin. You want to link to external websites from your site. The content curation feature will help you easily find content to link to as well as provide your visitors with interesting content . You can quickly find content to add to your site by simply searching by keywords and then quickly insert it into your posts.

Push Button SEO Content Curation

Push Button Seo plugin is definitely an awesome tool for any site builder. You can check it out here. Push Button SEO

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