Sept 13 2010

This is my first submission using Rank Builder: #2 position for my keywords in less than a week! Dont miss your chance to get Rankbuilder.

I was planning on doing this, but I decided to discuss a new product that launched today from Alex Goad called Rankbuilder. I had received an email about promoting this several weeks ago, but was in the middle of some other stuff and never got around to looking to closely at it.

I read the sales letter today and a big light went off in my head. I was promoting Traffic Anarchy recently and in my bonus offering was a section on linkwheeling, which I have been interested in for awhile, but hadnt tried until recently.

Back in March, when I was launching this Auto Content Cash site, I looked at a few of the sites that were on the first page and one person was promoting a tool called Linkbuilderpro, which builds linkwheels and is really suppossed to help increase your rankings in google. I downloaded the demo, but never really tried using it.

After reading again about linkwheels in my bonus package, I decided to try the Linkbuilder software.It allowed three sites to be created. I think the recommended is at least 6-7 sites so I thought I would purchase the product and lo and behold it wasnt for sale…bummer. I decided I really wanted to see if the linkwheel works so I manually created six sites. I was ranking on the fifth page of google at the time so I figured that it couldnt hurt. It took a bit of time to manually create the sites, but last week I moved from the fifth page to the bottom of the second page. Today, my site for the  keywords Traffic Anarchy Bonus  are on the bottom of the first page!  Between using  Wp Syndicator  (which I am also finding a great piece of software) and the linkwheel I created,  the site is doing awesome.

Since Linkbuilder Pro was closed, I did try out SeNuke, which also looks really good, but alot more expensive. However, it does have lot more functionality. Another program I am just starting to use is Traffic Magnet. It had a companion linkwheel software, but the developer of the Traffic Magnet and the linkwheel software parted ways. I have read that Traffic Magnet is going to have that functionality in the future and so it is a real steal at the moment at $37.

Back to what I started off about Linkbuilder Pro, I think Rank builder may be the same software. The developers name is the same and Rankbuilder was part of the package. One of the coolest features is that it automatically goes out and creates the accounts for you. That is a huge timesaver and probably was one of the most time consuming aspects of manually creating the linkwheel. It also supports spinner text which you need to make your sites unique. I  have manually tried to create spinner text and it is a pain. I wholeheartedly recommend using thebestspinner. One thing I try to do is do create 3 sentence variations for each sentence before spinning the words. I also like to make sure that the spun article is readable by a human :) There are some free spinners, but I end up doing a lot more manual stuff with it.

My plan is to personally purchase and use the Rankbuilder software. It has a 7 day trial for 4.95 and then is currently $67 a month. If it works as well as my manual created linkwheel, then I’ll gladly pay the monthly amount.

You can check it out here Rankbuilder. I haven’t had time to create a bonus since I was so excited about seeing this, but if you purchase off my link and you see something off my previous bonuses that you like, then email me your receipt and I’ll get it to you. Just make sure it has TEXASAG80 at the bottom of the clickbank page.

I’ll put another post out after I have used it, but I think this is a winner.

Sep 10 ********Rank Builder Review update*******

I purchased the software on Wednesday! As I thought this is the Linkbuilder Pro linkwheel software that has been repackaged by Alex Goad. From what I have read in different forums, he has five programmers that are full time working on this project.

It was helpful that I had already tested this on the demo product so I was able to start using it immediately. The demo product only allowed three sites in the product to be used so it was nice to start using all of the features. The demo product also had some of the features like RSS feeds locked.

Rank Builder Bonus

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