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What is Revenge of the Affiliates?

Back in January 2010, Brian Johnson first conceived his Revenge of the Affiliate program. This started out as a 2 hour  webinar  where he first outlined his goals and plan for dominating the Kindle market. Most of hadn’t even thought of creating products for Kindle and here Brian was coming out with a game plan for making it work. Several months later, he came out with his first Kindle coaching program called Kindle Ritual . This was an excellent coaching program that taught beginners how to succeed with Kindle.

Brian is now launching the Revenge of the Affiliate Coaching program. This program is a three month bootcamp for Kindle. During these ten weeks, Brian will take his trainees by the hand and teach them exactly what is needed to succeed in Amazon’s Kindle marketplace. He will provide the knowledge, training, and tools that will give YOU the ability to become a successful Kindle author.

What is in  Revenge of the Affiliates?

Brian is providing a complete program that will allow both the beginner and seasoned marketer to succeed with Kindle. The coaching program includes the following:

Revenge of the Affiliate Training:

10 weekly webinar sessions – His webinars are very complete and are likely to have hot seat sessions where students can have their projects evaluated. The webinars are recorded so you don’t have to worry if you don’t make it live.

Video tutorials – Brian walks you through the processes so that you fully understand what to do.

PDF documentation – I know from past experience that Brian’s documentation is awesome although sometimes as he admits he has spelling issues :)

How to research your book as well as your target demographics.

How to outsource on a budget – leave the writing to someone else!

Book naming formula – The book’s name is inherent in its success.

Brian’s children’s book blueprint.

Kindle Publishing Tools

KF8 Kindle formatting tools makes formatting your book a breeze!

Kindle book cover creator – This new tool allows anyone to make an awesome cover!

Kindle Facebook  Group

The Facebook group allows you to interact with other students. This is a great way of sharing ideas as well a support group for any problem that you need help with.


The Revenge of the Affiliates coaching program is perfect for anyone that wants to learn how to make passive income with Kindle. Brian is holding a free webinar on June 4 where he is going to cover the what the program entails.

Click here to sign up for the webinar: Revenge of the Affiliates Webinar

Coming soon my Revenge of the Affiliates Bonus








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