Secret Web Assets Review

Secret Web Assets is a new SEO product from Andy Fletcher and Colin Klinkert. Andy is a well known and well respected SEO master. I have personally purchased and used his products and can tell you they do work!.  He is the owner of Digiresults and has created numerous SEO products. Colin is also well know for his SEO products including Social Monkey and Viral Networks.


What is Secret Web Assets?

Secret Web Assets has several different aspects. The first is a special case study  that shows exactly how Colin gets his sites ranked:

FE: Secret Web Assets: Honest SEO 2013

This hot collection of SEO training and case studies lays bare exactly how you can rank your sites. This report not only shows you Colin’s sites and niches, but provides a step by step guide on how you can do it too. The best part is the special report will only set you back 7 smackeroos!

OTO1: Secret Web Assets: The hidden secrets to making Google Play Fetch

The report is above is great, but this will help boost your abilities even more. This is a collection of videos where you can watch over Colin’s shoulder as he shows you the steps the exact steps he uses in ranking the sites. You actually get to see him put his report in action! This is potentially priceless information!

OTO2: ezBacklinks Software

Andy is well known for his software and this one is a doozie! This is a premium grade software for building back links the correct way. No, back links aren’t dead. You need to have the right back links and that is what this software does. Not only does it build the correct type of back links, but you are able to manage your links for each of your websites. You can create the perfect footprint on your site that Google is looking for.

Secret Web Assets is launching on Feb. Get your access below


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