I received this email in my inbox about getting free unique content for my blog. I’m a sucker for anything free that might help my business. Anyway, so I clicked on the link and it  took me to the seolinkvine website and sure enough after creating a login, it let me into the site!

I remembered getting a few emails promoting the launch of this product, but never got around to checking out. After logging in,  I could see a few choices on the site. One was submit articles and get links and the other was get free content.

I tried the submit articles and essentially found out that that portion is for paid members and the membership is closed at the moment, but you could submit you email to be notified when it opens again.

I went back to the get content and apparently that is open to free members. Once I was in that area I found a short video on how to get to the free content and it is a pretty slick process. Essentially, you need to add the url for your blog and a user name and password. You don’t want to use your admin user. Instead, create an author or contributor login and use that.  Then you select the type of content you want from the blog category list.  You can then select how many articles you want per day, whether you want to manually approve the articles or have them post automatically, and finally an auto-reject feature if the article is less that 10% or 30% changed from the seed article that is used for the content.

After you have made your selections and save the choices, it then tries to connect to your site. I had a connection problem and found that I needed to enable the XML-RPC for remote publication. This is under the Setting – Writing tab on a wordpress blog. Once the connection is good, you can start getting articles. If you chose the manual approve, then you can accept or reject the article. If you accept then it will post it to your blog. If you did the automatic approval, then it will post all articles directly to your blog. Very cool!

One other option is you can request articles on demand. You submit your site, the topic that you want, and a detailed description of the topic.

I also checked out the FAQ. There is a video there that discusses how to spin articles. As a free member, you dont have access to the tool, but it is a good primer on spin syntax. You can find a free online spinner at spinz.me. Another great spinner is The Best Spinner.

What it looks like to me is that the paid members are creating spinnable content. As part of the content, it will have links to their site. I dont think it is a bad tradeoff to get the content on your site in return for the links. Brian Johnson in Commission Ritual discusses that outbound links are good for site ranking.

I’m going to give this a shot on some of my sites. You can check it out here

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