Build your own mobile apps 
to promote your niches or sell to local businesses

What is Skybuilder?

Skybuilder is a new software by Greg Jacobs enabling anyone to tap into one of the hottest and hugest markets  right now. Skybuilder will enable its users to create apps for both IPhones and Android phones.  If you have a smartphone or an Iphone, you know that the apps that are availble are hot. Until now, most of us mere mortals could only be on the buying end. Things are about to change. Now you can create your own apps. You don’t have to learn programming or jump through huge hoops to create an app. Greg is making it possible for anyone to get into this new craze and create their own profitable apps.

How can you make money with Skybuilder?

There are two main ways of making money with Skybuilder. First, you can create as many apps as you want and put them out for people to buy or even just give them away. If you have ever downloaded free apps you may have noticed they are populated with advertising so you can make money own with your own apps when people click on the advertisements…kind of like the way adsense works. You can build apps for any niche that you can think of! This is also great for any one that wants to promote their own blogs as well.


The second way and maybe even the more profitable method is to build apps for local businesses. You can easily make a customized  app for a business in 10 minutes and then sell it to them for several hundred dollars. Greg shows in his video how quickly build the app. You then can load it on the phone and show it to the business owner that you are targeting. Give the owner a quick demo and the app will sell itself. If they buy, then it can be submitted to Itunes or Google Play.  Yes, this does require a little face to face, but showing the app is pretty simple and you shouldnt even need to really “sell” Any business that uses coupons or discounts is especially great for this since you could get a monthly maintenance for the app.

Two cool features in Skybuilder is its ability to push notifications and gps coupons. Essentially what you can do for a business is send out notifications to the app users. So if a business wants to notify people that have installed the app of a special or a coupon, then you send out the notification. This is something you  restaurants will love! The gps coupons let you offer deals based on the users location–i.e. Groupons!

Personally, I think this is a huge opportunity for anyone looking to start their own app business. I will be buying on the opening gun myself since I am looking to selling to local businesses.



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