Sonic List Builder Review

Sonic List Builder is a new product that is designed to quickly build lists for its users. The philosophy is sellers make money. This is simple concept, but most of the people trying to “make it” on the internet are constantly buying products on how to make it, doing seo, building websites and links. Kevin Greene says that in order to make money you have to sell instead of constantly buying and the solution to selling more products is to have an email list. The gold is in the inbox.  This allows you to sell products as oppossed to having to drive buyers to your website.

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Now, if you are like many people, you have tried to build a list and after several months you have 3 subscribers which hasnt been worth the time you have put in to build that list. Sonic List Builder is designed to  automatically build a list without having a website and building backlinks.

The Sonic List Builder is going to create a massive network of 90 funnels which point to 90 high converting email opt-in pages for you. The pages on these sites are continually generating content and backlinks to the site. This will cause your email list to continually grow and grow.  You will start to see your list build within 72 hours of starting. Once you build a list, your days of building websites, blogging, buying ads etc is over. You will have people to sell to by sending emails and in addition you will have an asset since you can sell or rent your list.

Click here to check out Sonic List Builder

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