Brian Johnson’s new Auto Cash Content course is in pre-launch.  As part of the launch, they are offering a free wordpress plugin when you subscribe. The free plug in is designed to allow you to get deep links to your wordpress enabled blog. It does this by going out and finding related blogs and allowing a “pingback” Like most wordpress plug-ins it is easy to install and configure.  Auto Content Cash is going live on March 9, but you can get the free plugin in today by going to this site – Auto Content Cash.

Stayed to for more infomation on the release of this great course. If you are looking for wordpress auto content generation this is the one course you are going to buy.  Brian Johnson, Alex Goad and Jason Croslow have done extensive testing in their traffic lab and you will want to know the most effective and profitable methods for building your own autoblog with ease. Autoblogging will allow you to build your targeted mini-site virtually hands free.