Traffic Player is a new cool plugin from Mark Dulisse. 

 The Traffic Player

What is The Traffic Player?

The Traffic Player is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to easily insert videos into your wordpress posts and pages. All you have to do is install the plugin, copy the url from youtube and instantly you have a professional looking video on your site!  It is so simple that anyone can easily do this. I know how difficult putting videos on a site can be. This makes it just plain easy.

Not only can you insert video, but it also allows you to add skins to the video such as the one you see above. This gives your videos that professionl look.  You can easily change the look of the videos by changing the skin with just a click of the mouse. When you purchase The Traffic Player it comes with 10 custom premium skins.

Another great feature is that you can easily  customize  the video. You decide if the video is going to have controls for the visitor, if the video is going to autoplay, the size of the video and more.

Check out The Traffic Player

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