Traffic Kaboom Bonus and Review

This is what Traffic Kaboom is about.
If you want the maximum about of free traffic, then Traffic Kaboom is what you are trying to find,

An overcomplicated SEO course is not what Traffic Kaboom is about.

Check out Traffic Kaboom

It’s not another site where you watch a bunch of confusing videos on how to get traffic.
This isn’t some lame 30 page ebook that contains a bunch of junk that you already know.Additionally, this does not require spamming Twitter, Yahoo or any other nonsense like this.

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This is definitely way different. And furthermore a lot more significant … this provides real traffic!

How doesTraffic Kaboomwork?

Unlike some people prior a launch, I’m not here to keep you in the dark.

I don’t like promoting a product that I dont know ho w or even if it actually works.
Focusing on video and article syndication which is the #1 proven technique of generating no cost traffic is what Traffic Kaboom is focused on..

More specifically, auto-syndicating your articles and videos to THOUSANDS of niche specific, human-approved blogs. These are not spam blogs that are hosted on subdomains or offer no value. These are real, high quality, niche blogs that are ALL reviewed by Jason’s team and 100% owned by their customers. They are owned by real people. They register the domains, etc .

Of course, they have plenty of automated and manual checks & balances in place to ensure that the content being submitted is good, relevant and that “real estate” blogs receive “real estate” related content.

Are you beginning to see the power of this blog network?

The “syndication platform” lets Traffic Kaboom  members log in and it automatically…

Blasts your videos to the top video directories (making sure that each video submission is totally unique)

Slowly submits your videos and articles across the massive network of blogs… Your site will recieve the all important backlinks while your content – both articles and videos will get massive exposure througn the network of blogs.This two-step process provides a big “KABOOM” effect that makes Traffic Kabom so incredibly powerful at generating traffic.Video Syndication Gets MASSIVE Traffic .

It’s no secret that getting a high volume of backlinks (from non-spamy blogs/websites) is a big key to dominating the search engines. Mix in the huge power of video and you have an AWESOME method getting huge amounts of traffic to your websites.

Are you following this?

This is the silver “traffic” bullet that everybody wants.

So, rather than you submitting articles and videos all day to the major article directories (and pray that some generous blogger re-publishes them). Traffic Kaboom gets dozens or HUNDREDS of other blogs re-publishing your articles and videos, giving you a constant flow of new backlinks, exposure to your videos (the all essential views) and best of all traffic!

For those who don’t know who the creator of Traffic Kaboom, Jason Potash (and you’re simply way too pre occupied for you to Google his particular brand), the following is the small version.

Over the past 5yrs, Jason together with his biz buddy (Jason Katzenback) have released several 7-figure products and solutions and programs, consisting of:

PPC Kahuna, Portal Feeder, Web2Mayhem, Syndicate Kahuna, Blog Blueprint, Traffic Kahuna, and Video Post Robot and more.

The two Jasons have built a reptutation of providing high quality products they provide great value to their loyal army of customers and in the process they have developed a squeaky clean reputation.

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