Ultimate Video Curator


What is Ultimate Video Curator?

Ultimate Video Curator is a hot new wordpress plugin that will allow you to quickly and easily curate Youtube videos on your blog. Essentially, you can create a ton of curated video content on your site in less than 9 clicks! Your site can quickly be filled with media rich content in mere minutes instead of the hours it takes to look through all the videos on your niche in Youtube.

Now, you can also search Youtube directly from the Ultimate Video Creator panel and then pick and choose which of the highly rankable videos that you want to show on your site. The cool thing is that you can link to Google alerts for dynamic content as well as have Youtube user comments added to your blog automatically. Another cool thing is that when a video finishes on Youtube it shows related videos. What Ultimate Video Curator does instead is have it show the other videos that are on your site. How cool is that? If you use spinning software such as The Best Spinner, it supports spinner software too!.


How Much Does Ultimate Video Curator cost?

Amazingly, the price is really low. You can get this for less than ten dollars!


Are There Any Upsells or One Time Offers for the Ultimate Video Curator?

The price as you can see is very low for the basic product. There are several upsells that will help boost your site.

Upsell 1 – Ultimate Niche Blueprint

Upsell 2 – Video Site Map

Upsell 3 – Press Jacker WP Bundle





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