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Andy Jenkins is at it again.  Who is Andy Jenkins. He is a video master and the creator of the Video Boss training program. What this course does is show internet marketers how to use the power of video to promote their products and create sales. If you are not using video in your online marketing then you need to check this out.

One of the coolest things about Andy is that in his pre-launch he gives out a ton of content that you can use immediately in your own marketing. Even if you dont purchase the course, the pre-launch video series is a must see since his is giving away so much information. Here is a lineup of his prelaunch:

[Video #1] is called “Video Gets More Money than Anything” and it ROCKS.  This  video will open your eyes to the power of video and you will hardly be able to wait for the next segment.

In video 2, Andy lays it all out. He will show you his format for creating a video to sell a product. He lays it it out for you step by step. You will get the exact formula you need to create a sales video. This is pure content and just great stuff. Best of all you dont have to pay a dime to see this!

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[Video #2.5] The Perfect Set Up -  Andy will  show you a video from YouTube Videothat had a 
huge budget  that gets Millions of views.  He will then show you in video 3 how you can duplicate the video yourself.

Video 3 also contains pure content and will discuss an internet marketers best friend – TRAFFIC. This is the basis for Traffic Boss and he will continue your lessons with this pure content video. He is going to show you exactly how to get traffic to those videos you have been creating.

The FINALE for the prelaunch is in video #4. Traffic Boss and Little Boss are great, but they are just the beginning. Here he will go into more detail on what’s ahead if you continue on the journey and decide to purchase Video Boss.

All in all,  TheVideoBoss is definitely a program worth checking out. Even if you dont purchase the product, I highly recommend watching the content that Andy is showing in the prelaunch. It is definitely worth your time to watch the videos.

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