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 For more information check it out here: Viral Cash Magnet Plugin

Viral Cash Magnet is a WordPress plugin designed to skyrocket Facebook Fans for your website. What the plugin does is provide an incentive for your visitors to Like your website. The search engines are using social connections as means of ranking your website so this plugin will definitely help you out. Additionally, when the page receives a Like, then all of the persons friends will be exposed to the link so it increases your websites exposure too.

What the plug in does is

Get visitors to Like your page.

Have the visitor share the page on Facebook

You offer your visitors an incentive to complete these actions such as an ebook.

Optin to your email list

The plugin takes less than five minutes to install so you will be up and receiving your Facebook likes very quickly. You have control over the color of the text so you can easily integrate it into your site.

For more information check it out here: Viral Cash Magnet Plugin


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