On August 13,  a new wordpress  plug-in will be available on the market. This will quickly become a must have tool for any one that markets with a blog. The plug in is  called WPSyndicator and was devolped by an interesting fellow called Andy Fletcher.  As you might have figured from the name, it  is designed to assist  you syndicating  your blog posts in a manner much  easier  than  manually submitting it.

This cool plugin syndicates a portion of the post on your blog to up to 15 Web 2.0 properties with one easy click of the mouse.  The web 2.0  sites that it syndicates to  are: WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Vox, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Mulitply, Plurk, FriendFeed, Xanga, Identica, you are, Blellow and Bright Kite.  It can also tweet your post automatically too.

You do need to spend a little bit of time setting initially setting up the plugin.  Obviously, you will need to create accounts on the sites if  you dont already have them. The cool part is this  be done directly through the WPSyndicator interface and it will take you to all the sites to create your logins.   If yourun into any problems, it has some videos that will help out in the less obvious places. Setup will take 30 minutes to an hour.

When you have completed the initial setup then all you have to do is click to syndicate your latest post.  You can even determine which sites you want your posts to go to. In  example, Identical and Blellow only allow certain types of content so you wouldn’t want to to post content that might be seen as span.  You can disable  posting to those two sites off before you have WPSyndicator send your latest post.

An excerpt of your post is sent to these sites and you can determine the lenght of the post.  It defaults to 500 characters which is around 100 words.  A link back to your blog will be in the excerpt and it will be “Read more…” or you make it any  keyword anchor text  that you come up with.  For  micro-blogging sites like  Twitter it will have a smaller bit.ly link instead of ancho text.

What is the benefit for you?  Increased  traffic from those people who read your posts on the Web 2.0 sites and want to read the rest of your posts.  They will click through to your site  to find out what you have to say. Increased ssubscribers, because once they are on your site you can offer them an opt-in.   Additionally. you will create solid backlinks to your site which the search engines love.

Find out more by clicking here: WPsyndicator.

As a bonus for purchasing through my link, you will also get Duplicate Bye Bye. This is any an easy to use wordpress plug-in that will make your all of your posts look unique to the search engines.

I like this plugin so much I have decided to add another bonus called Backlink Flood

Backlink flood is an awesome companion to WP Syndicator. This is the guide An Underground Link Ninja Used To Rank Multi-Million Dollar Corporations For HIGHLY Competitive Keywords, And How You Can duplicate his methods  Starting TODAY…
Find out  How To Drive FREE High Quality Traffic To Your Site And Start Generating Money In Less Than 24 Hours…

This is a partial excerpt of what this WP Syndicator Bonus contains:

How To Exploit Rapid Link Indexing… Methods to have your links seen by Google and other top search engines in hours, not weeks… drive  your sites up the SERP’s and begin start receiving free organic traffic in a very short time period…

Learn How To Build An “Authority Wheel” That Works… Just creating links from your websites from 3rd party sites isnt good enough. Learn how to build an authority wheel that will help drive your keyword rankings up. This is a higly important  tool in your chest.

Multi-Level Linking Explained… Think beyond direct linking, go one step further than building an “authority wheel”, and finally push your traffic and rankings to the next level using Multi-Level Linking… And make sure you do it right the first time so all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Keyword Research Done RIGHT… This is another MAJOR area where people screw up and toss away all of their hard effort… This is one of the most important steps in all of SEO, learn how to get it right the first time… I’ve included a special software program and separate manual specifically to ensure that you’re performing your keyword research in the correct manner.

Backlink Flood includes several great tools that will help you to automate part of the SEO process and allow you to get the best results for every bit  of time you spend.

The first tool is Article Flood… This is an article spinner that allows you to spin using word, sentence or even paragraph options, this combination yields dozens if not hundreds of unique articles so you dont get  Google’s duplicate content penalty, you can create numerous unique articles that don’t look  like spun garbage, and can trim hours of article writing time down to just a few minutes.

The next tool is just as  special… It’s a keyword research tool, and while there are many on the market, this one is unique… This allows you to quickly collect and analyize important keyword data on immediately, including search volume, top competitors, competing pages, domain data and more

Send your receipt to kenallen059@gmail.com. The receipt needs to have TEXASAG80 as the clickbank id.

Find out more by clicking here: WPsyndicator.

Ken Allen

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